Cutting Mats “Self-healing”

Item: “self-healing”” cutting mats.
Cutting mats are the basis for precise and professional work.
The cutting mats are self-healing, i.e. normal cuts will not damage the mat excessively.
The cutting blade is guided straight and the special surface of the mat does not blunt the blade as quickly as with other materials.
The cutting mats have a centimeter marking on one side, which helps you when cutting.
All cutting mats have a non-slip surface, the surface of the mat is slightly roughened so that the object to be cut does not slip so easily.
Angles of 45° and 60° are also printed on the large cutting mats of 100x150cm.
The mats consist of 5 layers that are “vulcanized” in an oven instead of just glued.
They are therefore of high quality and extremely durable, even with constant use.
Colour: Grey
Dimension(s): 21 x 30 cm., 30 x 45 cm., 45 x 60 cm., 60 x 90 cm., 90 x 120 cm., 100 x 150 cm. and 100 x 200 cm.