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Item: Crimper
This Crimper is designed for high production assembly for aluminum and plastic back load frames.

Standard features : One shot cycle control. Steel safety enclosure. Adjustable air control. Interlock safety system.

Optional feature : Aluminum stand.

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Item: Champ III
A manually operated Toggle Press that is capable of installing a variety of hardware.
This machine comes with one Magnetic Head. For all other hardware see "Hangers and Hinges".

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Item: EHM
The EHM can be used to assemble hinges onto a wide assortment of frame backs. The press can accommodate back sizes from 7.5cm x 10cm to 28cm x 35cm in a variety of materials including chipboard, fiberboard, hardboard, M.D.F., and a wide variety of woods and plastics. In addition the EHM can also attach 3 popular self-fastening hangers with ease.

Bild "Zubehör für Aluminium und Kunststoff Bilderrahmen:Cobra_medium.jpg"
Item: Cobra
The Cobra-AHM has a safety interlock foot operated trip mechanism, easy to set hanger positioning and an estimated operator productivity of up to 40 hangers per minute, using either the single head (AHM-01) or double head (AHM-02). With a very easy loading coil fed system, plus the low maintenance design, down time will be kept to a minimum.
The hangers use rosettes to grip the backing materials. These are formed during the pre-application process insuring sharpness and preventing scratching and damage to coiled hangers. All hangers are applied in the "bent open" position making the end product easier to use.

The AHM can accommodate a wide range of backing materials from thickness 1mm to 6mm, in sizes from 13 x 18 cm to 60 x 90 cm. There is also an optional guide that will extend the size range to 127 x 127 cm. Please call for more information.