Cutting Mats

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/!\ A good Cutting Mat is the base for precise and professional work! ;)

These mats are self-healing, i.e. normal cutting does not damage the mat.
The mat allows traceless cutting and the knife stays sharp due to the special surface of the cutting mat.

The anti-slip surface of the cutting mat gives a good grip so the media will not slip.

Each cutting mat is calibrated in one centimetre grid patterns to assist in accurate layouts and cutting.
The large cutting mats (from 100x150cm) also show 45° and 60° calibration.

Our cutting mats are very long-lasting! Even used on a daily basis.

Cutting Mats are available in following sizes: 21x30cm., 45x60cm., 60x90cm., 90x120cm., 100x150cm. and 100x200cm.

Prices on request.